Valley of Echoes - CD Review

"Valley of Echoes is Jon Gjylaci’s debut album release and for this he has selected an excellent programme of Classical, Latin and Jazz a list which contains a nice variety of heavyweights and a handful of short encore pieces. Gjylaci has a very impressive technical ability, which enables him to flash around the fingerboard in an apparent effortless manner.

The two heavyweights, Dyens’ Libra Sonatine and Brouwer’s El Decameron Negro are expertly played and are given brilliant interpretations, which rank alongside the best of them. Both are challenging works from every viewpoint but Gjylaci appears undaunted by any of the technical and musical challenges thrown at him. The smaller works are dispatched with authority and panache.

This player has a compelling quality to his guitar playing and I found myself listening to this recording more times than necessary finding enjoyment in different parts of the programme missed during previous hearings. The recording quality is excellent and this is a fine debut album from a highly talented player."

Steve Marsh
Classical Guitar Magazine

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