I am a professional classical guitarist and an experienced guitar tutor based in Greater Manchester, UK. You can read more about my musical background on my biography.

I perform regularly as a solo artist and chamber musician. For more information on all upcoming appearances and performances please keep checking often the concerts page.

My début release "Valley of Echoes" is now available for purchase on CD and is also available for MP3 download, check out the releases page for details on all available works.

I offer guitar instruction on a private and group basis. If you are interested in tuition or for any information regarding this, a tutoring application form is available for completion.

Photos, videos and other useful stuff can be found within the media section. Also I have compiled a selection of relevant links which may be of interest.

I keep all the material here current and up to date but I would be happy to respond to any questions or enquiries - details of how to get in touch are on the contact page.

Thank you for visiting,